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Climate change is a complex problem, which, although environmental in nature, has consequences for all spheres of existence on our planet. It either impacts on– or is impacted by– global issues, including poverty, economic development, population growth, sustainable development and resource management. It is not surprising, then, that solutions come from all disciplines and fields of research and development.

Science has made enormous inroads in understanding climate change and its causes, and is beginning to help develop a strong understanding of current and potential impacts that will affect people today and in coming decades. This understanding is crucial because it allows decision makers to place climate change in the context of other large challenges facing the nation and the world. There are still some uncertainties, and there always will be in understanding a complex system like Earth’s climate. Nevertheless, there is a strong, credible body of evidence, based on multiple lines of research, documenting that climate is changing and that these changes are in large part caused by human activities. While much remains to be learned, the core phenomenon, scientific questions, and hypotheses have been examined thoroughly and have stood firm in the face of serious scientific debate and careful evaluation of alternative explanations.”

Alcoa Green Technologies is committed towards becoming a part of this drive to bring the awareness to resolve the issue of the climate change. Alcoa Green Technologies, Inc. believes one of the easiest solutions to long term fixes to many of the problems is through reforestation.

Worldwide Carbon Emissions of 50,000 power plants is in excess of 10 billion tons per year. The cost to place aiming equipment on those plants would be cost prohibitive. In the U.S. 2.8 Billion tons is generated and to reduce 20% required under Waxman Markey Act by 2016, would bankrupt the industry over the next 30 years. 20% of CO2 reduction can be accomplished through offsets, or the planting of renewable forests. It is believed more of the remediation of CO2 will come through new forest concepts and natural capture of identified contaminants.

AGT trees offer these genetics in the trees seen but are modified for better performance. The proprietary markers will allow us to grow trees 60% faster, hardier and more weather tolerant. CO2 sequestration on the tree to the left in our PDF illustration is 860 lbs per year, with our tree moving closer to 2000 lbs of capture. The Lumber tree is designed to grow straight and will provide significant revenues beginning in year five of the forest lifecycle

Our Brand Ambassador


As a professional boxer I have always stood strong for training hard, taking care of my body and doing the right things. In essence we must do the the same to heal our planet, we can begin by ‘KNOCKING OUT (CO2)’ with AGT Trees. I want to be a role model to our future champions of the world however, if we don’t take care of the world we live on, there will not be a future for anyone. We must do the same to heal our planet for it our only home. Join our team to fight back Global Warming and let’s KO CO2.

It’s time for a change, I always hear people say that our youth are our future but if we don’t act now there won’t be any hope for a future for anyone. We must act now and change our ways and teach our youth there is a better way to insure their future. It’s my honor to accept this challenge and team up with Alcoa Green Technologies to fight back Global Warming.

As AGT’s  ambassador  I will personally present our signature Champion KO CO2 Belt to any Organizations, Municipalities and Countries who takes on the initiative with us.

Kina Malpartida
World Title Super Featherweight Champion

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    Our mission is to create consistent value to our customers and supply partners that will maximize shareholder value and long-term growth.

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    We will do this by managing our business with integrity and the highest standards through the Green Energy Business, around the world, across language barrier and diverse customs.

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